What happened?…Quarantine loneliness syndrome happened! I know everyone is going through a lot lately but come on these are times that no one has ever experienced during our entitled generations.

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Being in my 40?s I guess this is the crisis of similar magnitude, that our parents went through during dictatorships, unnecessary wars, economic depressions or recessions, terrorism and 9/11?s and freedom of whatever they needed!

This is a crisis that no war, nor dictator, or economic woe or campaign of terrorism can compare to.

But that?s not my job to analyze. I?m here to survive and find a way to be positive about being alone and single during this craziness!!…I?ll leave all that bullshit to the pundits and saviors.

As a New Yorker in my 40?s, I?m a survivor dammit! Period. Being single, middle-aged and alone...especially when hookups aren?t even in the cards (clearly for health reasons)…you have to survive!

And that, my friends, is what a 40 Single New Yorker specializes in! Here are some tips on how to get through a day of this quarantine. The first step is to allow for a happy hour for yourself after a hard day of WFH!


Step 1: Work out!

After sitting on your ass the whole day, whether it?s because you?ve been working from home and cultivating your carpal tunnel syndrome slaving away on your laptop……you need to de-petrify your ass!

I use that term because my client refers to her numb ass from not moving as being petrified! Somehow, it makes sense.

Either find an online workout video on YouTube be it dance, yoga, or boxing (my fave is Fitness Blender), or just play some music that you can shake your ass to for at least half an hour. Who cares?

No one?s there to tell you to stop! Or if your roommate?s staring at you, you know she/he will join you in 10 seconds because they?re dying to.

Step 2: Prep your fave dance playlist!

This is absolutely crucial before step 3 as it will set the mood for the rest of the night. Play something that makes you happy. Stay away from melancholic music that will remind of ex?s, and nostalgia.

Play music that you can boogie to by yourself or if you have roomies or approved Coronavirus attendees. (Please make sure that this number is limited to 2 to allow for health reasons #stayathome).

I personally started with Paul Simon?s Graceland album. Light, upbeat and happy ?Diamonds on the soles of her shoes? feeling!

Step 3: Prep an awesome quick and easy cocktail while the music is playing.

Time is of the essence. A quick shot of Vodka, Gin, Whiskey, Beer…sure why not a “Quarantini” (it’s a regular martini but you drink it alone in your apartment)!

Start mixing that and take ONLY ONE SIP.

I emphasize only one sip! Only because this is when you could get too drunk to prepare your meal!

Step 4: Prep a quick but hearty meal.

I would choose a good protein, with some greens and obvi some carbs to throw into the mix.

I chose to carve up my leftover rotisserie chicken with spinach, olive oil and Himalayan salt, then of course bread, bread, and bread! As Oprah says, ?I love BREAD!?

Step 5: Dance.

While things are heating up (both your meal and the dance floor!) and while drinks are being sipped on…clearly the alcohol with a chaser of water preferably a jug since things could get messy on an empty stomach! Dance I say! My buzz started on ?You Can Call Me Al.?

Step 6: Make a silly video.

Showcase how well you’re dealing with this self-quarantining and then send it to all your loved ones to show how you?re really coping with being alone or with the ones that you’re cooped up with.

And funny enough, they?ll really appreciate it because they?re going through the same thing!

Step 7: EAT!!

Because by this time you?re already very, very tipsy from the few ?one sips? you?ve had! Eat it all while listening to music and enjoy every last bit of it!

Tips on sobering up.

By this time for me, it was only 7 pm-ish. I looked up to see what ?essential? businesses were open around me. Target is open until 9 pm!

This I found to be the best time to shop for all your essentials since no one is there! But I?ll share those tips on the advantages of being SINGLE in your 40?s of when to go shopping and when to do things in another article.

Stay tuned? meanwhile. I advise not to get too philosophical or sentimental about things after having too many ?Quarantinis!? It just ruins the whole purpose of finding the positives of these unprecedented crazy times!

Stay at home, stay safe and quarantine (also drink) responsibly!!

What are somethings you’re doing to stay sane and healthy during these crazy times? Comment below!

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