You’re probably thinking what the heck is a review for a men’s boxing shoe doing on a site dedicated to 40-year-old single women? Well, I picked up boxing in my late 30s and fell in love with it.

I’m boxing to this day, as a 40-year-old woman and still going full steam ahead!

When I decided it was time to upgrade from a cross-training sneaker to real boxing shoes, I was overwhelmed by the choices.

There were a lot of shoes that I liked and unfortunately some had no sizes or weren’t made specifically for women. I wasn’t sure if women could wear “men’s”” boxing shoes or if you could use wrestling shoes for boxing.

I eventually decided on the Adidas Men’s HVC Wrestling shoe and here to say that this can be used for women who box.

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The Shoe:

Despite the name and purpose of this shoe “Adidas Men’s HVC Wrestling Shoe“, it is perfect for me as a beginner boxer, also a woman.

The shoe has a single layer of mesh fabric on the top. The overall material is synthetic suede, synthetic leather.

There is an elastic strap around the ankle with velcro to ensure those laces never get in the way and has a super gummy grip on the under sole.

The Fit:

I ordered it from Amazon but there were only kid’s sizes left. I usually order a size up for sneakers ie size 7 – but the equivalent in youth size apparently was 6. It fit perfectly.

It was a little snug around the whole foot (as expected) and not tight at all on the toe – although I do have a narrow foot.

Still, there was enough room for me to wiggle my toes but not feel like I was slipping out of them, even when moving laterally.

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  • Average price of the Adidas HVC Men’s Wrestling shoe ranges from $39-$70 USD making this shoe extremely affordable and good value for beginners. The price range varies depending on whether it is a “men’s” or “youth” size with the latter being cheaper.
  • Material is super lightweight and durable enough to withstand everyday use. Also making it no so heavy to carry around with the other stuff in your boxing gym bag!
  • Mesh layer makes it easy for your feet to breathe. Great for sweaty boxing workout sessions!
  • Gummy grip is non-slip, great traction in the ring.
  • Velcro strap is a great bonus to tuck away the excess laces which can distract.
  • Adidas quality is superb.
  • Can be used by adult women and boxers alike!


  • Since the materials are synthetic the shoe gets very smelly especially with the sweaty training sessions despite the mesh layer.
  • Narrow fit shoe (however this was not an issue to me since I don’t have wide feet but see how it could be an issue for those with wide feet).
  • Thin and narrow sole may not provide sufficient arch support.

The Verdict:

If you are a beginner boxer and prefer not to splurge on your first pair of boxing shoes I would definitely recommend the Adidas HVC Wrestling shoe. I’ve had these shoes for over a year and wear them during training almost every other day.

I personally have not experienced any rips or tears in the stitching or un-gluing of the sole (but have read other reviews who have).

And at a price point that can start as low as $39, you can’t go wrong! I have definitely seen a high return on my investment on these shoes.

Where to get them?

You can purchase the Adidas HVC Wrestling shoe from Amazon here.

Thanks for reading and hope you found this helpful! 🙂

Review: Adidas Mens HVC Wrestling Shoe

Review Adidas Mens HVC Wrestling Shoe


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