Bored? Here are some new social media skills I learned during the Covid-19 quarantine. You can too (yes even at 40 and beyond)!

When you?re in your 40s acquiring new skills can be a daunting task. Not only is it intimidating technologically speaking (for me anyway), but also laboriously boring.

BUT it doesn?t have to be that way if it?s something you enjoy doing! Now is the time to dive into all of that.

learn new skills during quarantine

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Despite the horrific situation the Coronavirus has created for everyone, it?s also forced us into a deep dive of looking at ourselves and everything that?s happening in our lives right now. The majority of us are all cooped up in our homes with our specific others or roommates or our own reflections in the mirror either desperately bored or utterly frustrated.

Essentially, we have to deal with it whether we like it or not…OR…

We could use this time to distract ourselves and attack that skill set you?ve always wanted to learn and possibly reinvent yourself at the tender age of 40 and beyond!

Re-discovering the power of social media. Not just for “selfies”.

I am the least technologically savvy person on the planet. I didn?t have any social media for the past three years.

I?ve never been a “Facebooker”, and nor have I tweeted a tweet in my life…that is until the Coronavirus quarantine! Being a contributor to this awesome blog has forced me, albeit voluntarily to throw myself into the world of social media and anonymous sharing and liking.

I?m normally opposed to all this self-promotion but I realized if you?re not going to promote yourself then who will? I guess it was generational in the way I responded to all these social media platforms.

I used to think social media, in general, was too self-indulgent, inauthentic, narcissistic with a penchant for utter unapologetic self-gratification. However, I?m learning slowly that as an artist/teacher/freelancer/budding entrepreneur you have to have the brashness of ?Here-I-am-like-the-heck-out-of-me-because-I?m-in-your-face!?

For a lot of people, they wouldn’t give it a second thought. But if you’re like me I’ve always found it challenging to disassociate the “sleaziness” from selling or marketing. Again, that’s just me and something personally that I have had to deal with.

Social media marketing doesn’t have to feel “dirty”.

Now, only a couple weeks into the quarantine, I’ve learned there is a way to strike a good balance between the “sleaziness” of selling yourself or your product (much like how I used to think about networking with people) and just plain old helping people.

I realized that if you do have a genuine message, service or product that actually helps people solve problems then it pretty much promotes itself and social media is just a medium to share the message to those who are searching for it. Not only is it just a medium to share but it is a profoundly powerful one.

According to the Digital 2020 Report by We Are Social, a global socially-led creative agency, approximately 4.5 billion (that’s with a B!!) people use the internet and 3.8 billion people use social media. Just that statistic alone is staggering.

If you own a business, have a side hustle, or you are a budding entrepreneur or even a freelancer, you are truly doing yourself a disservice if you don’t leverage social media. The leading social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are all free to sign up so there is no good reason for anyone especially businesses, not to be leveraging the power of social media!

The way I like to think of it is; if you focus on helping people and not solely on making money as a priority then, for me at least it feels more genuine and less “dirty” about using social media for marketing and building a respectful brand. It sounds a little intuitive I know but, it works.

For the purposes of a business, yes, in this day and age I have to surrender and accept that social media and apps are essential creative marketing tools for potential us here at

So not only have I learned to use social media apps to generate possible business, but also the skill of content writing, by being a contributor to

I found love in a hopeless place.

I love writing and this blog has allowed me to do that and expose myself to the shiny, dirty world of branding and marketing through social media. I?m on Instagram, Facebook and just recently Twitter, the holy trinity of social media apps for promoting yourself and your products. You can follow me on Instagram here @40singlenycbook!

Finding success in doing so is a whole other article and blog though!

While I continue to contribute to it’s inspired me to think about other skills and experience that I have, that could also potentially help people. I used to teach students (in person) but given this whole new world of social distancing, I am now exploring ways to continue this virtually – through online teaching courses and online teaching platforms. A couple of platforms that I am looking into are and

I started with It?s a great platform to get your feet wet. You set your hours and your pricing. The best part is, they already have a huge following and they market your class for you!

You can teach anything from Ukulele classes to Tech and Coding to Cross-Stitching! So we?ll see how it goes?

But I?m learning a lot being in this entrepreneur state of mind. I have to give props to millennials who seem to be natural-born entrepreneurs swiping and liking, and for all their bravado despite everything they?re dealing with!

So to summarize…

I?m on the verge of harnessing my skills in becoming a ?Brand Manager,? ?Engagement Coordinator,? ?Content Strategist,? or ?Director of Social Media Relations.? Haha, let me practice tweeting first!

learn new skills during quarantine

I’ve unknowingly created a few side hustles and have become a content writer, contributing to this blog. And I am a virtual educator mastering the platform of Zoom and online classrooms – which I feel will be the inevitable future of education.

What I have also learned during this time in isolation is that if you haven’t come out of this quarantine without learning a new skill, or exploring a new side hustle or even just increasing your knowledge in something, then you can never blame not having enough time – count it to a lack of discipline.

While I am all too familiar with the hustle and discipline, I’ve also taken the opportunity to use this time to hone in on that crucial skill as well.

I will leave you with some Naughty 40?s suggestions to possibly add to your skillset:

  • Learn or brush up on a language you?ve always wanted to be fluent in.
  • Take a free online course in coding.
  • Learn new Salsa moves on YouTube!
  • Perfect that souffle you?ve always wanted to puff up.
  • Learn how to edit your movies from a 12-year-old on YouTube! (That?s how I learned..)

The possibilities are endless for all of us in our 40?s! We have access to everything we need to reinvent ourselves in every which way! Thanks to the “Interweb” and “Facegram”…LOL!

What new skill or talent have you acquired so far during quarantine? Comment below!

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