Ok I know we?re all going completely bonkers with actually being told to stay at home aka quarantine and do nothing for our own good right?… Or that we?re forced to continue working from home as we soil our sacred space?s energy with the darkness of our job?s deadlines, agendas, and quotas…..

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how to stay fit and healthy during quarantine

Or we?ve just given up, and accepted that the apocalypse is here and decided to drink, eat and use whatever vice we have access to all day long! It?s almost like a hurry-up-and-wait-situation for Armageddon to arrive!

So how do we stay sane? How do we keep healthy and fit with all this time and nowhere to go?

And let’s face it being in our 40s our metabolisms ain’t what it used to be!

I choose to fight back!

Well, after inhaling all the Toblerones and vodka I could, to forget about our predicament..I?m going to fight back and stay healthy and fit regardless of how happy the Coronavirus dances around our empty streets.

But the gyms are closed and we?re told to stay indoors as much as we can. BUT we have the internet!! There are endless free classes on YouTube to stay fit and healthy during quarantine (Fitness Blender is my fave channel).

There are of course your streaming options from your gyms and workout clubs. And then there are the empty streets that you can go running…that is running away from anyone closer than 6 feet!

These are ways to climb out of that black hole of overeating from all the panic grocery shopping you did two weeks ago! But it requires discipline…..


You can hit rock bottom and throw that Bloody Mary into the sink after you?ve done 2 weeks of hair-of-the-dogs and get your ass back into shape! This is all going to end someday and you don?t want to emerge from quarantine looking like it beat you down!

Fight back I say!

Here’s how I fight back.

My fitness regimen includes running up and down the steps in the park close by for 15 – 20 minutes. It?s great practice for bobbing and weaving, doing sprints away from anyone who gets close to you during this social distancing.

Then I jump rope for 10 minutes and do a 15-minute-High Intensity Interval Training from Fitness Blender?s YouTube channel. Afterward, I go home and do a 10-minute plank/ab workout followed by stretching…then I look forward to a yummy meal and a nice vodka rocks to reward myself! With half a Toblerone bar..regular size.

Staying fit and healthy during quarantine doesn’t have to mean boredom or idleness. Get creative – alone at home.

Step One: Classes.

Research all the types of workouts you like to do! There endless options for;

  • Yoga
  • High-Intensity Interval Training
  • Tabata
  • Boxing (which Sadie has an immense passion for)
  • Dancing sessions (Zumba, salsa, disco) or even just doing 30 minutes of intense ?Silent Disco-ing, Raving or, whatever music you like? dance sessions just to get a sweat out.

Whatever you choose, as long as you are moving you are doing more to keep fit and healthy than just staying in bed all day.

Step Two: Scheduling.

Depending on your situation try to work out at least 3 to 4 times a week.

If you can schedule it either early in the morning to get it out of the way and start your day awesomely, plus if you run you?ll be guaranteed fewer people to dodge.

Otherwise, do it right after you finish your WFH situation. So you can release all that pent-up energy and frustration. Also, this will give you something to look forward to, to wrap up your day..other than the after-work happy hour you give yourself..every hour.

Step Three: Food.

After you?ve finished your awesome work out whether in the morning or evening, find healthy recipes that you enjoy preparing and look forward to devouring.

Allow for lots of proteins, greens and of course the occasional pizza or whatever “naughty forty” food you know is so bad for you it?s so good… I stress ?occasional?…

Again the world wide web has a plethora of options for healthy dishes.

Personally, I?m one of those guerrilla warfare healthy eaters.

Grab some leaves (spinach, lettuce, arugula..maybe even kale although that makes me gassy),

add a protein (fish, chicken, whatever meat you crave, even meatless meat!),

pour some extra virgin olive oil,

a dash of Himalayan pink salt and an alcoholic beverage to garnish your meal


Trust me, if you can do this at least three times a week while quarantined at home, you?ll be fit and healthy in no time and addicted to feeling good. Better than drowning yourself in your overstocked-panic-shopped-pantry and then ending up in fetal position with your bottle of vodka, prosecco, vino or whatever alcohol you?re consuming.

Hopefully, it?s not the rubbing alcohol you bought to combat the? Coronavirus (or the ‘Rona as some are now coining it)!!

What I?m trying to say is, you?ll end up feeling better and want to do it more often. This is the perfect opportunity to create good and healthy habits.

But don?t forget to give yourself that day off to unravel, and indulge, and be that “naughty” 40 year old…just because you deserve it!

How are you keeping fit and healthy at home? Comment below!

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