Being quarantined can give you the courage to do things that you never would?ve done before, purely out of boredom…like ?Online Speed Dating.?

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I?ve always wanted to try it but never had the guts to go to a cattle call to date in real-time. However, the online platform of Speed Dating was an entirely different ball game!

I was down for it…Mainly because I wasn?t ready to video call any of my Hinge Likes. At least this way I could get a taste of virtual dating, without any pressure, and practice my social dating skills!

The sign-up process.

I discovered this event via a group on (I am not affiliated with The event was run by another group called who specializes in organizing dating events and tips specifically for east coast cities such as NYC, DC, and Boston.

So signing up was very easy to do. $20 for an hour of unabashed blind speed dating!

(If you’re thinking of taking the leap and signing up – head over to and use my discount code “SADIE” to receive $5 off and – that applies to any event on their calendar!).

I wasn?t quite sure what to expect, but always the Cinderella in me hoped that Prince Keanu was also bored and decided just to randomly join this speed dating session.

NOT the case at all, but still they were all nice, decent men who were very enthusiastic.?I didn’t experience any inappropriate behavior and I decided to just have a nice conversation with each one of them.

It was a relatively basic procedure after signing up, you receive an email the day before as a reminder and then another email that day preparing you for the session. You?ll be asked to click on a link to test your equipment, (meaning your computer..haha) was up to speed.

Once all that checked out, there was a countdown to your first date. Hardly a countdown like the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop, but enough to get you excited for who you were about to meet.

And we’re live!

Once my date magically appeared on the screen, the pressure was on to talk and get acquainted in those five minutes. There would be a clock ticking in your peripheral view as you chat with your potential candidate, though not so blatant like it was a time bomb ticking that you had to get your whole life story in otherwise the screen would explode.

More or less a subtle reminder that you?re speed dating and had to find some kind of rapport FAST or else you?d sink into that awkward oblivion…And then those final seconds would appear as a watermark on your screen to get the last few bits of banter squeezed in before your page shuts down in anticipation for your next bachelor in waiting.

Right after the date ends, a picture of your date and a question asking you if it?s a Match or No Match. Once you?ve filled that in, another timer would begin telling you to wait with bated breath for your next prince charming.

Your date would be on the main screen and your image would be minimized in the corner, so you could check to see if you still looked as cute as you did when you logged on.


One main PRO for me was that the online platform is so great for speed dating. Mainly because you don?t have to deal with the awkwardness of live interaction AFTER the cattle call has ended.

Normally, if you were at a bar, and after the session had finished, you?d either be waiting to hopefully continue chatting with the one you wanted to match with, or you?d be sprinting out of there hoping you don?t have to walk to the subway with that one suitor who hoped to match with you!

I guess what I?m saying is that this was quick and painless, log on and log off and you?re already back at your house pouring yourself a drink to congratulate yourself on finishing your quota of dates for that week.

Also, the quality of the streaming was very efficient. You could see your date very clearly.


I hardly have any?CONS?for this platform of dating. The only thing I was disappointed with was I thought I was paying for an hour of speed dating, but the session pretty much finished after only 30 minutes.

So I?m assuming there weren?t that many who signed up for that session.

The Verdict.

Honestly, I enjoyed the process! Even though my Prince Keanu didn?t sign on that night, the dates were all gentlemen and pleasantly conversational.

It?s ok that I didn?t match with anyone, but what I loved was that I connected and not just tapped my phone and ?liked? someone. For those who are single and live in NYC – we are all too very familiar with what it can be like dating in your 40s and what we continue to do to cope with the loneliness?that comes with the territory.

That being said, I highly recommend this process of dating – virtually!

As I said, I would think of it as a great way to practice your social dating skills, kind of like rehearsing and maybe you might even be lucky enough to MATCH with someone you like!

As a naughty-forty-year-old, this was one thing I could check off my naughty bucket list!

Have you tried virtual dating? What was your experience like? Comment below!

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