As I looked at my Cruella De Vil-ed hands from all the rubbing alcohol I?ve poured over them (I ran out of hand sanitizer and just went straight to the point), to constantly protect me from the hidden enemy of this global pandemic of a viral war we?re fighting, I found myself strangely content, positive and at peace during this time in quarantine.

positive side effects of quarantine, glimmer of hope, silver lining

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Yes, I?m quarantined and my feet are dry AF and look like chicken?s feet from the lack of pedicuring we?re all so accustomed to, and my arm-pit hair has grown long enough that I can braid them and on top of that my one gray hair on the side of my head now constantly pops out to say hello to me with glee… I am weirdly in a happy place and at peace during this isolation.

It?s week four now, and I have to admit, I?m now loving this whole self-quarantining, and social distancing. It?s taken away all my FOMO, as Sadie put it.

No mo’ FOMO.

I?m a freelancer, and my constant anxiety about finding the next gig has always burdened me. But since everything has shut down due to this virus and there is no next gig, (not because I didn?t book it or didn?t hustle to get it), I suddenly feel this freedom and lightness like never before.

I don?t feel the guilt that I usually do when I?m not out there looking for work because there is none. But ironically, I?m working more than ever doing things that I actually love to do.

I?m writing more, I?m teaching classes online and earning more money than I did with my other freelance jobs…and the funny thing is it all effortlessly came to me. Sadie had guided me to this other world of just monetizing my bliss!

I think living in NYC, there?s always something going on. If it?s sunny, I felt guilty not going out and enjoying the city because there was always, a fair, a block party, a gallery opening, a Mister Sunday, anything…because anything that happened in New York will always be a New York experience, and that?s inimitable.

But now since the virus, I?ve let all that go, and enjoyed just staying in, and not feeling like I?m missing out on another New York experience. I sound like an old millennial..who knew.

Breathing new life into dormant projects.

Since quarantining I?ve re-launched my ?40 Single NYC? book, with five-star reviews on Amazon, I?ve created my own little business online, I?ve contributed to Sadie Shelton?s wonderful blog and exposed myself to all this social media marketing, which is no longer intimidating.

I?ve learned new skills, re-learned existing ones and unknowingly allowed myself to creep out of my own comfort zone.

Even, in the dating scenario, I?ve explored and will continue to explore meeting new potentials on dating apps like Hinge and Elite Dating. Oh, and is sponsoring my next online speed-dating experience so be sure to check out that article!

I?ve really tried to stay positive through this whole quarantine situation – more so to keep myself busy. After the initial shock in adjusting to this whole new world, by week three of quarantine I figure I may as well use my time productively.

I?ve even started a you-tube channel called ?Quarantini Conversations? where basically we have a little drinky poo and just be naughty and forty the whole time. (Stay tuned for the premiere!).

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Finding the glimmer of hope. Just do it.

I know the world is really dark and apocalyptic right now, but I?m finding a silver lining. I know some of you might be going through your own apocalyptic hell, but I guess what I?ve discovered is we?re all shedding our old shit, and forced to face all the things that aren?t working for us anymore.

positive side effects of quarantine, glimmer of hope, silver lining

And because, this virus hasn?t only terrorized us with fear, but it?s forced us to look at our lives, to look at the people around us, the past that no longer serves us. I realize that?s been a recurring theme in my recent Coronavirus-themed articles, but in some strange way, this whole quarantine is giving us a second chance.

To try and do the things we couldn?t do before because of responsibilities, social order, accountability. Yes, we are still accountable and have responsibilities but it?s just made us do it in a more creative and resourceful way. It?s basically the universe saying,

?I?ve shut shit down now..try something new.? And then Nike (with stores also shut down) comes in and says,

?Just do it.?

You?d be surprised with all the new discoveries and changes you?ve made without even knowing it.

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

I know some of you are saying, well I started drinking more, I?ve gained weight from all the panic shopping, I?ve broken up with my SP, I?ve let my roots just grow out, and like me, I?ve become a dried up prune from all the sanitizing. But let me tell you, after all that, you?re just going to be fed up with it all and come out even better!

The coronavirus-alcoholic-weight-gaining-broken-hearted-dried-up-prune in you will just stop everything and say THAT?S ENOUGH! (Kinda like what the universe said, with all the shit we?re doing to our planet and ourselves.? Here?s a virus…deal with it?)!

All of that will drive you to work out more, eat better, wax your braided armpits because you have a coronavirus virtual date, and moisturize more because you can?t stand hearing the scratchy noise your feet make against your soft sheets when you get in bed! Trust me, it will happen…

I heart New York always, now and even more.

Go ahead and make that list, even if it?s one teeny tiny little change. If anything, it?ll make you feel better or worse…either way you?ll want to make that change! We?re New Yorkers, we?re specialists at maximizing opportunities, space and time, living on top of each other the way we do!

C?mon we?re The Naughty Forties and New Yorkers, we always come through stronger!!


What are some of the positive things that you?ve changed or are in the process of changing because of the Coronavirus Quarantine? Make that list now and comment below!

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