Aging is something that comes to all of us with time. It?s also something that some of us tend to handle much better than others.

We?ve all heard that life begins at 40! But, when we look down at our midsections or the crows? feet by our eyes, it can be difficult to believe. We all handle aging differently; some of us don?t even go gray until will are 40, whereas others notice their first offending hairs at just 25. Diet and nutrition can also have a huge impact on the aging process.

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As a woman already into her 40?s I can say that life definitely starts to change when you reach forty. But, whether life for you begins at 40 depends on just how well you embrace change and what you do to stop the aging process.

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I reach for is my glasses. An instant reminder that I am over 40; before 40, I used to have 20:20 vision you see! As for wrinkles, for the moment, I am not doing too badly in that department.

But, my midsection is a different question and a constant reminder of who I no longer am! My hourglass figure disappeared a few years ago, and I am rather more ?square? these days.

Dieting didn?t used to help either or exercise. So, I decided to find out what I could do about it! And good news – it is possible to combat post-40 flab!

Should I Change My Diet as I Approach My 40?s?

I would say ?yes, yes, yes!? You see, if I had changed mine as I approached my 40?s instead of waiting till my love handles were fully developed, I might have had less difficulty getting rid of them!

Aging and weight gain go together. It?s a known fact! Even when you lead an active lifestyle as I do! So, let?s look at why we suddenly lose our waistlines at 40!

Bye Bye Estrogen

A woman can start her perimenopause in her 30?s or 40?s. The average is somewhere around 40; for me, I would actually say 43!

As estrogen levels drop sharply, changes happen. Not only have I gained weight; my skin and hair are already a lot drier.

Enzymes and hormones help break down the food we eat; in menopause, our hormone levels are off-balance. It?s a cruel fact, that as we enter menopause, our body is tricking our mind into eating more.

Our thyroid levels go down too, and our insulin levels start to shoot up. Diminished thyroid levels, in turn, slow down our metabolism; and in turn, weight gain!

Estrogen is the biggest culprit for belly fat, or more accurately, the lack of estrogen. A change in cortisol levels is another important factor associated with weight gain and menopause.

Cortisol levels go down, and insomnia becomes a problem with many menopausal women. You may not have realized however that deep sleep actually aids weight loss!

Anti-Aging Foods

So, what should you eat when you reach 40? There are dozens of anti-aging foods that are great for women in their 40?s. And the good news is that some of them are actually nice! Here are 9 of the best:

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Spinach is full of Vitamin K and helps keep a healthy bone density level. It?s also known for being good for eyesight (Perhaps I should take note here myself!)

A protein-rich food is great for protecting muscle mass and keeping your metabolism ticking

Almonds are great for lowering cholesterol and combating heart disease

Broccoli helps prevent cataracts and is rich in vitamins A, C, and K

Water is essential for flushing out toxins and keep your skin looking fresh and younger

Avocado is known for being a superfood; so don?t feel guilty next time you pick up some guacamole from the grocery store!

Spicy foods are great for lowering blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and cholesterol. So, allow yourself those takeaway treats!

Coconut oil is great for your skin, hair, and body, improving blood circulation and lowering blood pressure

Olive Oil. This is an essential of the Mediterranean diet, and you only need to read up on how much longer our European counterparts live and their rates of obesity to realize that olive oil is essential.

Combating Belly Fat

The most annoying part about your new love handles is that they won?t go away with a bit of exercise and diet (although changing your exercise regime at 40 can help too). There are loads of tips floating around the Internet about how to regain your hourglass figure.

Today, I want to share my favorite with you; to drink one glass of red wine each day!

As we get older, we get stressed more easily and we have a lot more responsibility that directly affects the belly. Stress inflames the fat cells in the belly, causing weight gain.

get rid of belly fat, anti aging foods, midlife dietBy drinking alcohol in moderation, you can reduce stress levels and go on to burn belly fat! For best results, stick to one glass of wine a day, and avoid drinking fizzy alcoholic drinks such as lager or shandy; as nice and refreshing as these may be on a hot day, they will undoubtedly have the opposite effect!

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